What’s More Embarrasing: Embezzling from a Paraplegic or Fleeing and Later Getting Arrested While Hiding in a Closet?

If you’ve ever seen the great movie Fargo, you will remember the horribly embarrassing scene at the end of the movie when William Macy’s character is arrested in the cabin. As the cops try to pull him away, Macy’s Jerry Lundegaard clings to the bathroom doorway screaming in his final act of pathetic desperation to avoid criminal prosecution. With that said, a Riverbank, California man may have surpassed Lundegaard in terms of utter sadness. 44-year-old Randy Lee West was found hiding in a closet at National Family Trust in Modesto last week when police arrested him for fleeing previous charges. West had been arrested in May of last year on charges of embezzling from a trust fund for two boys whom lost their parents in a car accident. One of those boys was left paraplegic in the car accident. Both boys are now under the care of their grandmother, who is the mother-in-law of West. That’s right. West was embezzling from a paraplegic family member.

After his arrest in May, West agreed to pay the boys back and appear in court for his sentencing. However, he never showed up in court. An arrest warrant was issued, and West was finally found hiding in the closet at the bank where he was employed. Yikes.

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