Mothers Charged After Blaming Fictitious Sitter in Fire That Killed Their Children

The mothers of five Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania children who were killed in a fire surrendered to police to face criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter. The mothers had left the youngsters alone while they went to a bar. Following the fire, one of the mothers claimed they had left the children with a baby sitter who had disappeared. She arrived at the station wearing a tee-shirt reading “Mommy Loves You, God Loves You More.”

The children, ranging from three to seven years old, were left with two 8-year-old boys. The boys escaped unharmed. According to authorities, the fire was started by the children playing with matches.

An attorney for one of the mothers said she was gone for only about 15 to 20 minutes, having just one beer. He said they would fight the criminal charges. “Five children died. Automatically people want to make the connection it was her fault. But from a legal standpoint, it was not her fault.” This could be a rather imaginative argument.

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