Fascinating Ruling From Court of Appeals

Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog points out an interesting ruling from the New York Court of Appeals (New York’s supreme court). This is the first case I’ve seen with not a single cite to another case.

This case revolved around showing the videotape of an interview in court, rather than just reading the transcript. The Court determined the defendant had not brought this issue to the notice of the trial court and could not, therefore, bring it before the Court of Appeals. It’s amazing the Court of Appeals opted to review this matter when the issue was so straight forward no cites were necessary. Perhaps the Court was so amused by the caption, People v. Person, (really . . . that’s not a joke), they just had to get it into the law books.

In law school, we heard about an appellate court opinion that adopted the State’s entire argument: “The Defendant has got to be kidding.”

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