Appeal Likely After Judge Rules 17-Year Old Boy’s Call to His Mother Can be Used Against Him in His Rape Trial

A Manitowoc County, Wisconsin judge ruled that a phone made by a 17-year old boy, to his mother, may be used against him in his trial for a gruesome rape and murder.

Brendan Dassey had confessed to police that he joined his uncle in raping, killing, dismembering, and disposing of a woman in Madison, Wisconsin. After his confession, he called his mother and told her the whole story. Dassey has since recanted his confession. However, according to the judge, his phone call to his mother can be used as evidence against him.

Dassey argued, in court, he had been coerced into making the call, which was recorded as part of standard jailhouse security procedures. His attorney said police “more than urged” him to make the call. According to Dassey’s attorney, a special agent for the Wisconsin Department of Investigation told Dassey, after his statement, that he had to call his mother and tell her about his involvement or they would.

Dassey’s previous attorney had been removed from the case due to his allowing the youth to be interviewed by police for three hours without an attorney present. The lawyer had an investigator sit through the statement.

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