Judge Removes Himself from California Mob Beating Trial

Long Beach California juvenile court judge Gibson Lee removed himself from the trial of two youths in the mob beating of three young women in Bixby Knolls California on Halloween. Judge Gibson explained that he had already overseen the cases of 10 youths accused in the beating of the girls, nine of whom were found guilty. He stated that he did not feel that he could be impartial in the proceedings for the remaining two boys in the case.

Judge Gibson faced intense criticism from all sides in the previous matters. Supporters of the boys were outraged by the convictions of the boys, saying there was insufficient evidence to find them guilty. Supporters of the victims were appalled by what they viewed as lenient sentences. Eight of the boys who were found guilty of a hate crime enhancement were sentenced to probation and 60 days house arrest.

The boys in the upcoming case are charged with three felony counts of assault with the intent to produce great bodily injury as well as a hate crime enhancement and personal infliction of great bodily injury enhancement. They are accused of being among a mob of 20 to 40 black youths who allegedly racial slurs as they pelted the three white victims with newspapers, fruit and miniature pumpkins, then beat them to the ground with their fists, feet, a skateboard, and tree branches.

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