Cartoon Network Tries to Avoid Criminal Charges

Turner Broadcasting System and Interference Inc. have agreed to pay $2 million to make amends for last Wednesday’s marketing scheme that led to a bomb scare in Boston. Turner Broadcasting (TBS) is the parent company of Cartoon Network and its Adult Swim Group. Adult Swim creates and airs the cartoon program Aqua-Teen Hunger Force.

Interference, a marketing company and contractor to TBS, hired two men to place 38 electronic devices around Boston that would light up showing a cartoon character, “Mooninite,” flipping off drivers. The devices were placed under bridges and in other strategic spots. Unfortunately, transit police treated one of the devices as a possible bomb, “crippling public transportation, causing serious traffic problems, negatively affecting local businesses, and perhaps most significantly, costing Boston and surrounding communities thousands of dollars.”

TBS accepted full responsibility for the disruptions caused by the scheme, but charges remain against the two men hired place the devices. Prosecutors have initiated discussions with criminal defense counsel for the men regarding a resolution of the criminal charges short of trial.

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