Wrongful Arrest Leads to $18 Million Jury Verdict

A 26 year old school teacher arrested in Los Angeles County for kidnapping and sexual assault was vindicated ten months after his arrest–but not before he had been subjected to months in jail and abuse by both jailers and other inmates.  The defendant had ATM receipts and telephone records that proved that he could not have been near the scene of the crime when it occurred.  However, the county decided to prosecute anyway.  The defendant lost his job and, although he was acquitted less than a year after his arrest, he was not able to secure new employment for three years. After the criminal court found that the defendant was “factually innocent”, he sued the arresting officer, the county, and the Sheriff’s Department.  The jury awarded $18 million .

2 Responses to Wrongful Arrest Leads to $18 Million Jury Verdict

  1. Anne Cicero says:

    I followed my attorney’s advise regarding an easement dispute with my father’s property who lives next door and his next door neighbor. My father’s neighbor called the police. I presented the documents to the arresting officer but he refused to look at them and seemed to have a personal and emotional response to the situation instead objectivelying looking at the easement and my attorney’s documents. My attorney says I was wrongfully arrested and incarcerated. He is 71 years old, however, and does not want to get involved in a lengthy law suit, though he says I have grounds for said. I live in Illinois. I would like to sue the arresting officer and the neighbor for wrongful arrest. Can you please help me?

  2. Tim Newton says:

    On feb 29 2008 i chased ensued between whitfield county sherriffs department and a black dodge pickup truck,the chase was from georgia 41 hwy about prater rd,olddixie hwy brock rd and tilton rd in ga.Officer Lee Teems and Darren Pierce law enforcement with whitfield county caught the passenger of the said vehicle ( Robert Cunningham ) he told officers that he had kno clue who i was when he was questioned. later that night law enforcement were at my sisters which is acrross from the risidence that i own ,she contacted my mother who contacted me the next morning to let me kno they were looking for me.i contacted the sherriffs dept, and aked the luetenent if he would have them review the video and he said that officer Lee Teems positively identified me as the subject running from the truck,they ran a tag on the truck and the tag came back to a 97 nissan pickup truck that was owened by robert hall,months prior to me buying it in 2007 i purchased this truck from j& d auto sales on 41 hwy Dalton Ga. 30720 he said he pulled my jail records and positivly identified me from the jail picture as the man running from the truck, i kudnt get anyone to coopereat so i eventually set it up thru a bondsman to turn myself in on an 8000 dollar bond,to which i was bonded straight out ,i then met officer Teems that evening after his shift and asked him if i looked like the guy he chased in the truck and on the video and he said yes i asked then if i could see the video and noone could tell me if i could or couldnt. i asked if they would double check it before continuing on and they said it wasnt in their hands anymore.not much for than a months later i was indictided into court where i repeatedly asked with my appointed attorney to view the video we even filed the neccesary papers motions to suppress and still never seen it after being in court several times for this and i showed them all the evidence i had compiled myself the district attorney Susan Franklin on Sept 22 entered a motion to enter a nolle prosequi. it was sighned by judge William boyett on 23 of sept 2008. I am writing to see if i have groiundes for a lawsuit and if you can help me if not plz direct me to someone than can ….thanks Tim Newton

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