Actor Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested for Drug Possession

August 19th, 2014

The 32-year-old son of actor and martial arts star Jackie Chan has been arrested in Beijing on drug possession charges this past Thursday, August 14th.

Jaycee Chan, also a well-known actor, was arrested with Taiwan actor Ko Chen-tung and a third man during a drug bust in the Dongcheng district, considered the city’s cultural and commercial center.

Police found over 100 grams of marijuana in Chan’s apartment; upon arrest, both men tested positive for the drug. According to China Daily, a state-run publication, Chan is also accused with “hostling others to take drugs.”

The younger Chan’s recent arrest puts his father in a disconcerting position: Jackie Chan is a noted anti-drug spokesperson in China. In 2009, the Communist Party appointed Jackie Chan a “Narcotics Control Ambassador” for the Chinese police, according to the Telegraph.

On Tuesday August 19th, CCTV aired footage of and Jaycee Chan and Mr. Ko’s interrogation during a morning news section. The recording also showed Mr. Ko tearing up as he stated an apology to family and friends for his drug use, according to the Wall Street Journal. The footage was aired as an exceptional anti-drug campaign advertisement.

“I very much regret about what happened. I’m very sorry to those who support me, like me or even know me personally,” Mr. Ko said, as reported by CNN. “I just want to tell them I’m really sorry. I’ve set the worst example, which had the most terrible influence. And this is a huge mistake.”

Chan and Ko’s arrests are the latest in a string of a serious narcotics shutdown. According to Time, State media report 7,800 drug suspects have been arrested since January, which is a 71.9% increase as compared to 2013.

Other targeted celebrities include actor Zhang Mo, novelist Chen Wanning, and singer Li Daimo, who was sentenced to 9 months in jail earlier this year.

Earlier in August, dozens of entertainment management agencies signed an agreement with Beijing authorities outlawing drug use from the industry and vowing to hold those who break the contract accountable.

At this time, there are yet to be formal charges brought against Chan and Ko.

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Chris Brown in Jail

March 16th, 2014


There is no bail this time as Chris Brown violated his probation and will now sit in jail until he appears before a judge.

Brown was not in jail before because he agreed to enter a rehab center for anger management issues.

He violated the rules of the rehab center and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Brown is said to have listened to officers upon being arrested and did not cause further issues.

Brown is being accused of assaulting a man at a hotel and previously was accused of assaulting his then girlfriend, Rihanna, back in 2009.

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George Lopez Arrested for Public Intoxication

March 1st, 2014


Comedian, George Lopez, was arrested for public intoxication after reportedly being found at the Ceasars Windsor Hotel and Casino, passed out on the casino floor.

Lopez was taken into custody but no charges were filed and he was released hours after he was brought in.

Lopez was in Widsor, Ontario for a stand-up gig and made light of his public intoxication situation the following night during his show.

“Tied one on last night. Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off — unfortunately, it was on the casino floor,” said Lopez to a crowd of some 5,000 fans.

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Homosexuality Becomes a Crime in India

December 13th, 2013


“Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal” is now potentially looking at a ten year prison sentence, ruled the Supreme Court.

Back in 2009, a law that banned homosexuality was ruled against by a lower court and the country celebrated it as a huge win. Now, things appear to be taking a huge step backward.

A big question will be how other countries view this decision and how that will affect those relationships.

Another question will be how the people of India respond to this ruling.

Will this have an impact on the amount of violence within the country? Will an impact be felt in the health of the country’s people?

Will the ruling of homosexuality being illegal affect how the AIDS epidemic in India is handled? Will people be more hesitant to seek treatment?

There are more questions than answers and only time will allow answers to come to light.

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Georgia Man Charged with Distribution of Obscene Materials

August 26th, 2013


Dennis Shaun Bowman is not a stranger to the Los Angeles Police Department.

On Friday, the 28 year old Georgia man was arrested and charged with 7 counts of distributing obscene materials.

Bowman had sent numerous photos of his naked private area to a Los Angeles based attorney who represents well-known celebrity clients.

Currently Bowman is said to believe he is in a relationship with Scarlett Johansson.

Prior to this, Bowman had an infatuation with Kim Kardashian which led to a protective order against him.

Bowman relocated from Rossville, Georgia to Los Angeles to be closer to the women he pines for.

Bowman has called and emailed this attorney’s office so much so that it has jammed their phone system. On one given day the attorney received 82 voicemails from Bowman.

Currently in jail, bond has been set for Bowman at $24,500.

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College Baseball Player Randomly Killed in Oklahoma

August 20th, 2013


A catcher at East Central University, Christopher Lane, was shot and killed Friday in the town of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Lane, a 22 year old man from Melbourne, Australia, was out for a run while visiting his girlfriend and her family.

Lane apparently ran by three boys, ages 15, 16 and 17, who then followed him in a car, shot him an unknown number of times and drove away.

A woman saw Lane stumbling in the road and called 911.

The shooting is said to have been completely random; the boys were simply bored and needed something to do. All 3 are currently in custody.

Reports indicate the murder weapon has not yet been found but the 17 year old boy gave the police a detailed confession.

It is not yet known whether the boys will be charged as adults or juveniles but first-degree murder charges are expected.

First-degree murder convictions can yield a maximum sentence of life in prison. They are not eligible for the death sentence because they are all under 18.

Christopher Lane attended East Central University, in Ada, on a baseball scholarship and was well liked among family, friends and coaches.

His baseball coach, Dino Rosato, was quoted in the school’s statement, “He was an absolute joy to coach. Chris was an extremely well-respected teammate. He set a great example for all of his teammates, but more importantly for the younger players. He was a mature student-athlete who his teammates could look to for advice and support.”

Lane and his girlfriend, Sarah Harper, had been in Australia the previous week. She told the Australian Broadcasting Corp, “He didn’t deserve any of this. It’s heartbreaking that it was such a random choice those guys made that drastically altered so many lives in the process.

Also in communication with the Australian Broadcasting Crop, Lane’s father commented, “It is heartless and to try to understand it is a short way to insanity.”

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Supreme Court Issues Controversial Decision Limiting Right to Silence

June 27th, 2013

The Supreme Court issued a controversial decision this week, ruling that a criminal suspect’s refusal to answer a question posed by a police officer before an arrest can be used against that suspect at trial, according to a report from the New York Times.

The decision, which will likely have sweeping consequences for criminal procedure rules, surprised many legal analysts, some of whom believe the decision unfairly limits the Fifth Amendment’s protection against self-incrimination.

According to sources, the Fifth Amendment, which protects American citizens from testifying against themselves, has long been held to apply to arrests, as well as during trial.

The Supreme Court, however, had never previously decided “whether or under what circumstances pre-arrest silence” in response to police questioning can be given Fifth Amendment protection, according to sources.

This week, the Court gave at least a partial answer to this question when it upheld the conviction of Genovevo Salinas, a Texas resident who was convicted of murder two brothers, Juan and Hector Garza, in Houston in 1992.

Before filing criminal charges against the suspect, police questioned Salinas, who had been spotted by witness at a party at the Garzas’ apartment on the night of the murder.

Sources say Salinas answered questions posed by the police for nearly an hour, but refused to answer a question about shotgun shells found by the police that may have matched a shotgun found in the suspect’s home.

During the suspect’s trial, prosecutors made leading remarks about his refusal to answer the shotgun question. The lead prosecutor reportedly told the jury that an “innocent person” would say “I didn’t do that” or “I wasn’t there,” according to reports.

With the aid of such questioning, the jury eventually found Salinas guilty, and he was later sentenced to 20 years in prison, sources say.

And after a lengthy appeal process, the Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Salinas, saying that the suspect failed to “expressly invoke his right to remain silent,” which a majority of the justices believe is necessary to benefit from the Fifth Amendment’s protection against self-incrimination.

In a dissent penned by Justice Stephen Breyer, however, four of the justices said letting a prosecutor “comment on a defendant’s constitutionally protected silence would put that defendant in an impossible predicament.”

This predicament, according to the dissenting judges, will force future criminal suspects to make the unappealing choice “between incrimination through speech and incrimination through silence.”

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Alleged Bank Robber Asks for NSA Phone Records for Criminal Defense

June 13th, 2013

A South Florida man on trial for a series of bank robberies has launched a unique criminal defense this week by demanding that the National Security Agency (NSA) turn over his phone records, according to a report from the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

The criminal defendant, 40-year-old Terrance Brown, is currently facing felony criminal charges for armed robbery in a federal court in Fort Lauderdale, but he claims his phone records will ultimately prove his innocence.

Brown is one of five men who have been accused of conspiring to rob armored trucks delivering cash to banks in 2010, but he and his cohorts have all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During his prolonged trial, federal prosecutors have tried to use Brown’s cellphone records to prove that he was near the armed robberies when they occurred.

Their case has been strengthened by testimony from Nathaniel Moss, who is serving a life sentence after confessing to the murder of an armed truck guard during one of the robberies, but has also testified against his co-conspirators, sources say.

But Brown’s criminal defense attorney believes that Brown’s cellphone records actually show that his client was nowhere near one of the alleged bank robberies, according to reports.

This particular robbery, which took place on July 26, 2010, in Lighthouse Point, Florida, has also been pinned on Brown, but the prosecution claims they couldn’t obtain Brown’s phone records because his carrier, MetroPCS, had not kept them.

In response, Brown’s defense lawyer argued that the government should be forced to hand over Brown’s phone data because it may prove that he was not present at the July 26 robbery.

The request comes on the heels of the revelation that an NSA surveillance program has been tracking phone data for several years.

According to Brown’s attorney, the “president of the United States has recognized this program has been ongoing since 2006 … to gather the phone numbers [and related information] of everybody including my client in 2010.”

Before ruling on the request, U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenbaum will give prosecutors a few weeks to issue a response, and prosecutors have to tread carefully because there are “security procedures that must be followed,” according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Walleisa.

And another prosecutor noted that the information may be irrelevant because Brown may not have been carrying a phone at the time of the robbery.

Still, the defendant’s request is a fascinating glimpse into a tactic that may be used by future criminal defendants if Brown has any success.

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Prosecutors Say Alleged Baby Killer Told Friends About the Murder

May 31st, 2013

A Chicago man with at least 38 prior arrests allegedly told friends that he murdered a 6-month-old child in March, according to prosecutors in a Cook County courtroom, sources say.

A recent report from CNN detailed the investigation into the murder of Jonylah Watkins, the young child who was fatally shot in a van while sitting on her father’s lap two months ago.

According to prosecutors, Koman Willis was responsible for the shooting, and a key piece of evidence in the state’s case may be a recent revelation from a surprise source.

Sources say a witness, who remains unidentified, went to police and claimed that Willis admitted to killing the child in the tragic incident that took place on March 11.

The witness could be important for the prosecution, which claimed in court documents that Willis believed Jonathon Watkins, the father of Jonylah, had stolen drugs and a Sony PlayStation from the home of the alleged shooter’s mother.

After seeing Watkins in the parked van, Willis allegedly grabbed a gun and drove into the alley where Watkins was reportedly changing his baby’s diaper.

According to prosecutors, Willis then left his car, walked behind the van, and fired four shots into the back of the vehicle. The shooting allegedly occurred right as Watkins lifted his baby to kiss her, according to sources.

The child died a few hours later, and became a symbol for the rampant gun violence that has plagued Chicago for several years.

But prosecutors believe they have found the man responsible for the crime. According to Assistant State’s Attorney Heather Kent, investigators traced a van belonging to the girlfriend of Watkins to the area of the shooting.

In addition, prosecutors say cell phone records also place Willis in the area at the time of the arrest, and surveillance videos allegedly show Willis parking his girlfriend’s van and removing the plates shortly after the shooting.

And this isn’t the first time the 33-year-old Willis has been charged with a crime. Sources say the 33-year-old man is a member of a prominent gang and has been arrested at least 38 times.

According to reports, the man’s lengthy criminal record includes an arrest in 2002 for assaulting a police officer. Willis reportedly served three years in prison for this crime.

Today, Willis faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. If his criminal defense attorneys fail to prove his innocence, Willis could spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Congressional Committee Looks to Trim Bloated Federal Criminal Code

May 16th, 2013

As the federal criminal code continues to grow exponentially every year, some members of Congress are taking steps to trim the bloated body of laws, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Sources say Congress plans to launch a new committee, with the unfortunately bloated title of the “House Committee on the Judiciary Over-Criminalization Task Force of 2013,” to address the problem.

The federal criminal code has been attacked by members of both major parties for creating too many new criminal laws, few of which actually make the country safer.

The last time Congress made a concerted effort to shrink the criminal code was in the early 1980s, when violent crime was a bigger problem across the United States.

Today, the over-criminalization of a number of previously legal activities has led to a record increase in the number of Americans housed in prison, and Congress is looking to reverse this unfortunate trend.

But the task is daunting. According to Rep. Bobby Scott, a Republican from Virginia, the committee has been “warned it’s going to be a working task force,” which means it will “have to essentially go through the entire code.”

The leader of the committee, however, is up to the challenge. “Over-criminalization is a threat to personal liberty and an expensive and inefficient way to deal with a lot of problems,” said Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, a Republican from Wisconsin.

Sensenbrenner, who has tried to tackle the ever-expanding criminal code for several years, told sources that he expects to shrink the number of laws by 33 percent, although this remains an incredibly ambitious goal.

According to legal experts, there are roughly 4,500 individual criminal laws in the federal system, as well as tens of thousands of bonus regulations that carry criminal penalties of their own. And one member of Congress claims that the federal government creates 500 new crimes each decade, sources say.

In addition, about 80,000 defendants are sentenced to prison terms in federal courts each year, and the number of people in federal prisons has skyrocketed in recent years, sources say.

The problem has become so severe that a potential solution has been offered by a broad range of groups that usually fail to agree on most political issues.

Among the groups that have pledged their commitment to Sensenbrenner’s task force are the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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