Association Overview

Total Criminal Defense is a nationwide marketing effort sponsored by criminal defense attorneys across the country-lawyers dedicated to providing legal representation to individuals charged under state and federal criminal statutes. If you’ve been charged with a crime, Total Criminal Defense allows you to fill out one simple form or make a brief telephone call and arrange a free consultation with an attorney who practices criminal defense law in your area. Unlike individual law firms, Total Criminal Defense has staff available to take your call and help you schedule a consultation seven days a week.

We’ve also put together resources on this website to help you learn about criminal charges and the criminal justice process. It’s important that you understand your rights and options, the consequences you may be facing, and the possible “weak points” in a criminal prosecution before you make any decisions. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the general information you’ll find on the site, a criminal defense attorney in your area can help you to understand how those rights and procedural issues apply in your case.

Congratulations on taking the initiative to find out about your rights and get advice from a criminal defense attorney. Many people make serious mistakes in criminal cases before ever speaking with an attorney, so you’re starting in the right place. Don’t hesitate to call on Total Criminal Defense to connect you with a criminal defense attorney in your area. Get your questions answered!

What Makes Total Criminal Defense Special?

At Total Criminal Defense, we’re available to help you find representation seven days a week. Our national marketing effort uses state of the art technology, high level customer service, and a broad knowledge base to provide you with a comforting experience during a difficult time in your life. With a nationwide network of attorneys at our fingertips, you don’t have to search through the yellow pages, call friends, and try to make blind decisions about which lawyer is best for you. We’ll simplify that process and set you up for a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in your area right away.

Total Criminal Defense is unique in that it provides you with an abundance of information about criminal law and procedure so that you can get informed about your rights and your legal representation and make good decisions about fighting your case and protecting your future. Don’t take a chance that might impact the rest of your life! Call us toll-free now at 1 (877) 445-1059, or set up an appointment using our easy, secure, confidential case evaluation form.