Criminal Records: Expungement

A criminal conviction can change your life. Even after you’ve paid your debt to society, your criminal record can make it hard to get your life back. Luckily, most states offer a way to set the record straight: expungement.

Expungement, generally, is the process by which a criminal record may be sealed, destroyed or cleared.

If you are facing criminal charges, there may be another way to avoid having a conviction on your record: fighting your charges with the help of a criminal defense attorney. Simply fill out our free evaluation form to connect with a local defense attorney and learn how to protect your rights.

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Criminal Conviction & Expungement

Each state has its own laws regarding the sealing or expunging of criminal records. However, depending on the classification of offense, expungement may not be an option for several years—or at all.

If your case is still pending, the best way to keep your record blemish-free may be to fight the charges head-on. With no conviction or guilty plea, there would be nothing to need expunging down the line.

Even if your case seems helpless, there may be ways to fight it. Common defenses in criminal cases include:

  • Improper search and seizure
  • False or coerced confession
  • Violation of basic rights or police brutality
  • Inadmissible evidence
  • Casting doubt on eyewitness testimony

By working with a criminal defense attorney in your case, you can determine which of these tactics may work best in your case, and possibly avoid a conviction on your record.

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A criminal arrest or conviction may haunt you for the rest of your life. While expungement may be an option in the future, there are steps you can take today if you are still facing criminal charges.

By working with a local criminal attorney, you can fight the charges against you and explore your best options to avoid a conviction.

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